Re: [Epic] Warlord Titans

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Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 09:10:32 +1000 (EST)

>>Just my two cents worth; I agree! The new Warlord looks too much
>>like a BattleMech. The original design was a lot more gothic --
>>more in line with the fluff.
>Not only does it look like a Battlemech but it costs more than a lance.
>The new Gargant just looks stupid, what happened to the schlange kannon?

Only the REAL Ork gargants kept them. Like da old one's. Ah, doze were da
daze. Back when Ork Gargants showed off how well hung REAL orks are! Dey
were a man's, sorry, ORK'S Gargant.

Never really called the gutbuster a Gutbuster. Thanks to Col. Abrahms and
his constant taunts, I've been calling them "Vunerables" for a long time
now. "Oh, no! He's shakin' me vunerables off!" came the cry from the
Kommand Dek as the Tremor cannon locked onto the Gutbuster. Those were the
<big, testosterone-induced sigh>.


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