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This message was recently posted to the Full Thrust-Ground Zero Games list
and I found it very interesting. So I thought I would post it here for all
of you to see. I thought it was quite insightful.

>Thanks for all your comments on my question.
>I used to do a lot of playtesting for GW and wrote a few articles in White
>Dwarf about 5 years ago and I too am disapointed in the way they have gone,
>as you say some
>of the older games 'Original WH40K', Adeptus Titanicus' etc were quite fun
>to play but since then the games have just become vehicles for their
>miniatures line.
>Its not that the designers are weak but they have been forced to follow a
>route dictated by the GW philosophy of aiming for the most lucrative age
>group ie 10 - 14 year olds those with the greatest 'parent' spending power.
>Its a shame because I know a number of 'cracking good games' are hidden
>deep in the GW vaults but which in all liklihood will never see the light
>of day again.
>With reference to the new WH40K Epic its interesting to note that a very,
>very similar system SPACE MARINE II: HERESY was being playtested nearly 6
>yaers ago, (it was much better than its new incarnation, probably not as
>innovative as DSII but would have at least given it a good run for its
>Having seen first hand how innovation and creativity have been suffocated
>by 'market' pressures its very refreshing and satifying to see the likes of
>GZG continuing to stay true to the hobby and being so receptive to the
>views of WE the PLAYERS.
>Long may it continue.


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