Re: [Epic] Space Marine Chapters

Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 14:05:04 +0100 (WET DST)

On Mon, 5 May 1997, David Lado wrote:

> Actually, if you get a chance to play the boardgame "Battle for Armagedon",
> you can get a feel for the fluff of the SMs. At the height of the battle,
> the IG may have about 30 regiment sized units representing militia, regular,
> and armor units as well as a few specialized units, such as a titan legion
> and assault regiment. During the game, 3 legions of SMs arrive, each

30 regiments?! That would be about 180000 men to fight all the Orks from
Ghazgull's planet. Very reallistic! 180000 against a few hundred million!
I'm talking of fluff only. Armageddon would have an army of a few
millions against those infinite ork warbands and would be getting kicked
on their asses. Suddenly 3000 marines appear and help win the war.
Nope! Doesn't seem very reallistic.

If each marine chapter had a million warriors, well, that's another
matter (and don't tell it is impossible - an empire that stretches across
the galaxy sure has the means to transport, equip and mantain a billion
marines: 1000 chapters). After all the IG has untold millions (acording to
fluff), so, a billion more won't make a difference.

Paulo Pombal
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