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>Sauron1 writes;Actually the Giants reference to is a comment by a Traitor
> space marine that acompanies an Epic battle report.He refers to the
>Space Marines that were Original galaxy conquerors as such not the
>shadows they are now.May be he sees a decline in the geanseed or just an
>old warrior half remembering the"good old days"?Saginus had just
>destroyed a blood thirster at the golden gates. It threw him down,to the
>growns of the defenders and the cheers of the fallen,but he raised
>himself up and picking it up,broke its back over his knee.the traitor
>horus was fighting a weary superman when he killed Saginus. Reminds me of
>the siege of Troy in the Ilad. sauron1

But in the original (1st Ed. Adeptus Titanicus and Rogue Trader days)
history it was ROGAL DORN and the IMPERIAL FISTS that accompanied the
Emperor into Horus' COMMAND CENTRE ON EARTH!!!!! Sanguinus was actually
dead by then. Then they slightly changed the history so that Sanguinus
survived and it was he and not Dorn that followed the Emperor with the Blood
Angels AND the Imperial Fists onto _Horus' Barge_ and not into his
Battlefield command post. But then GW constantly change the history to fit
their new ideas. I'm used to it now.


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