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> << >Now I'm not up on the fluff, but how was
> >Hive Fleet Kraken turned back?
> What makes you think it *was* turned back. As far as I knew it was still
> slowly creeping towards Earth.
> >>
> Hive fleet kraken was destroyed by the ultramrines at their homeworld, with a
> huge imperial guard suppoprt (and a few eldar).
> Krkaken was the first fleet, and relied upon one huge swarm, so when that
> dies, the entire hive mind did.
> The second fleet, leviathan, is spread up into hundreds of attackers - it
> has won some, battles, lost others but is slowly conquering the galaxy.
> Anyone know what happened to Hive fleet Behemoth? I remember reading about it
> somewhere...
> Then again, in the original stories a hive fleet was killed by the eldar at
> Iyanden - but not it was just a small branch of a fleet in one of the books.
> kris aspinall

Sorry to tell you this, but you're wrong. Behemoth was the first hibe
fleet, and it was destrioyed at Macraagge (the ultra marine home world).
Kraken is the second fleet, which have splitted into several
smaller parts. Ilyaden fouught of one of those parts. Most of Hive fleet
Kraken is sill out there....

This is from Hive War, if you doubt me.

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