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From: Andreas Richert <aic_at_...>
Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 23:21:39 +0200 (MET DST)

On Thu, 15 May 1997, David Lado wrote:

> >> Speaking of chaos house rules, does anyone have ideas on stats/
> >> point values for trolls & minotaurs?
> >Trolls should get "save". Perhaps a Assult or 4 or 5, armour 5 or 6,
> >speed 10 cm and no ranged weapons.....
> >
> >Unit Speed Range FP Assult Armour Notes
> >Minotaurs 10 cm -- -- 5 6
> >Trolls 10 cm -- -- 5 6 Save
> >
> >And some cleaver way to represent the Trolls stupidity.....
> >But I'm not creative enought, at the moment, to come up with a smouthe
> >way with the new rules.......Rolling a die for order seems to clumsy with
> >the new rules.
> A couple of points I would add: first I think that the 6+ armor value
> is too good. If you are going to represent the trolls regenerative
> ability using a save, then I don't think they need land-raider quality
> armor. Personally, I think an armor of 4+ or 5+ would be more
> appropriate. It would also make the unit cheaper and allow more to
> be fielded. That is just my slant; I see trolls and minotaurs
> operating as big swarms of cheap troops, not small units of super-
> tough troops.

Yeah, I see what you mean. BUT the Trolls did have a fix 6+ save in the
old EPIC and odenary infantery didn't.
> As for troll stupidity. Maybe you could treat troll dets as having
> +1 BM. This means that a troll unit with no BMs would still have to
> roll leadership tests, while troll units that were shot up would be
> more likely to stand around in confusion (as is appropriate for trolls).
> You would want to leave the chaos player with enough flexability to
> make all-troll detachments, though. This would prevent the trolls from
> "stupifying" other normal troops in their detachment.

Sounds quite resonable.

> David

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