Re: [Epic] [E40k] Rampage question

From: Richard Dewsbery <dewsbery_at_...>
Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 22:06:24 +0100

Andreas Richert wrote:
> Nicely put. I would like to know what happens to a rampaging unit the
> isn't in CC, but are within 15 cm of and enemy unit.

That one is easy. They can't retreat therefore they are stuffed.
> > Do the rampage rules apply to firefights?
> I'd say no. As the rules "clearly" (a concept not entierly compatible with
> GW :-): "Rampage units are so berserk that they may not retreat from
> combat. This means rampage units are always caught by enemy and
> destroyed if they lose a close combat."
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Thus they only aply in CC and not in FF (fire fight).
FWIW I agree.

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