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Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 13:21:31 -0400

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>sauron1 wrote:
>> Sauron1 writes; I belong to a wargame club with 50 members,a permanent
>> site for the last 18 years and lots of premade tables,terrain and
>> such.But I am the only Epic player left. I have been giving away basic
>> SM,Eldar,and orc figures to the younger players to get them interestted
>> in Epic. I even waisted $100.00 Canadian on the new version! Anyway other
>> than at the closest Gw store,a half hour drive away,there are no epic
>> players around.Besides they willonly play the new version. The two local
>> hobby stores that are heavy into roleplaying or fantasy are NOT
>> interestted in Epic and carry only a minimum of GW material,usually just
>> duplicates of what someone orders.In 25mm Sci/Fi Warzone rules here!
>> sauron1
>It's at least good for us others that there are some resistance
>against GW out there so some other company may come forth.
>Viva la revolution!
>It sad though that epic probably won't see any other manufacturers,
>so you might not have much hope. Who would get into GW with their prices
>if there were alternatives?

I belong to 3 mail lists Space-marine, warzone, and warhammer. On all 3
people complain about GW's unfair pricing sceme. I guess that is why
so many are moving to warzone (faster play, costs less, more metal per
fig, costs less hmm I said that all ready :).

The Dark Soul shall engulf you alllllllll......


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