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Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 20:24:19 +0200 (MET DST)

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> At 04:18 PM 5/19/97 -0400, you wrote:
> > Now, daemons are faster (15cm) and the Tower is slower
> >(10cm), so it would be stupid to stick them in there. Currently
> >I'm thinking it MIGHT be good for cultists.
> Maybe. It does move twice.
> > Chaos arty det, ground attack flyers, intercept flyers,
> >1 war engine det, 1 maybe 2 pure armor dets is what I was looking
> >for in a 2000 pt force. Only having 1 flyer detachment doesn't
> >seem that good to me unless your opponent doesn't have any at
> >all. But anyway, squeezing all that in with 5 infantry dets is
> >pretty tough.
> I'm thinkin' chaos arty probably isn't worth it. I think you're right about
> the force above. that looks like just about 2k right there. I guess you're
> just stuck with an infantry based force. Of course you were stuck with that
> in 2nd ed. also.

The Arty is extreamly powerfull. We did some game testign at our
convention this weekend and the effect the arty can have is scary. 6 Chaos
artillery on overwatch can wipe out a mediumsized detachment quite easily
(unless they're all SM's hiding in cover :-)

> >(aside from daemons, who can't get armor or bike support).
> >And taking IG stuff requires cultists or beastmen,
> But daemons do count for being able to buy armor detachments, and who needs
> bikes whne you have flamers w/ jump packs? BTW, I think a unit of about 15
> beastmen stands with champions, a demagogue w/ psyker and hero, and
> demolishers for support would be a very bad unit. Slow as hell, but no one
> who has a brain would get in its way. Send it through cover towards an
> objective, and watch the fun.

11 Beastmen, 1 Coven/psyker and 6 Chimeras could worke quite nicely
though. Fast, and not without FP and a good assult, if the beastmen are
champions, but for +1 pts they all should be.....

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