[Epic] Future Releases

From: DON GRIFFITHS <don.griffiths_at_...>
Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 22:52:34 +0100

Hi Guys,

        here is a copy of the future E40K releases for the rest of this year. This is from the UK
        retailers list supplied with the first E40K releases:

July ORK

        Blister Packs
                        Battle Fortress
                        Pulsa Rockets

September TYRANID

        Blister Packs
                        Assault Spawn

November ELDAR

        Blister Packs
                        War Walkers
                        Vyper jet-bikes
                        Support Platforms
                        Cobra SHV
                        Scorpion SHV
                        Night Spinners
                        Fire Prisms
                        Night Wing Interceptors
                        Phoenix Bombers
                        Vampire Raiders

        Boxed Sets
                        Phantom Titan
                        Revenant Titan

No other items scheduled for release this year, we'll all have to wait for the new Chaos and Imperial Guard ranges.

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