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>> Chaos has an intercept of 4, but they only have armor of 4. I'll take a
>> good armor value any day. Doomwings may work once, but they are popcorn.
>Yeah but you only ned ti hit them to make them aboart the mission, and if
>they do they can't fight back either....Having a higher intercept will to
>just fine...

Last time I played I had five doomwings intercept 3 thawks. In the end the
thawks took no damage (not even to cause repair), and the doomwings lost 2
units, and the rest had to be repaired.

>> Barrages are SHWs, so each BM removes a barrage template.
>SHW's are'ntaffected by BM's at all......that's at least how the GW people
>at our convention ruled, but they aren't the primarchs either. I would
>think that each BM reduced the FP ith one as for any other troops...

SHWs clearly ARE affected by BMs. At the beginning of the section on SHWs
where it gives the chart (p.31, I think) for placing blast markers caused by
SHWs it specifies that it refers to the number of SHWs firing before taking
into account assault orders or blast markers. So, obvioulsy, they ARE
affected by BMs.

Besides, Jervis answered the unofficial Q&A that they are affected as an fp 1.

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