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Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 00:51:54 +0730

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>>> >>Saw 5th Element (by Luc Besson and starring Bruce Willis) recently.
>>> >>
>>> >>There was this race of aliens in really bulky power armour - almost like
>>> >>Terminators. These guys do not walk, trot or run. They just waddle !
>>> >>
>>> >>Also there was another race, rather brutish with sloping forehead, big
>>> >>and teeth, pointed (bat-like) ears, an attitude and a great liking for big
>>> >>gunz. Only thing is these guys are greyish in skin colour. Otherwise as
>>> >>close to Orks as you can get :P
>>> >>
>>> >>Then there is a blue creature that sings fantastically - probably the
>>> >>refined race aka Eldar, but has a lot of other funny body parts. But the
>>> >>idea of a refined "elder" race is there.
>>> >
>>> >Hmm, now that you mention it, this all does make sense to me. Geez, is
>>> >nothing sacred anymore!?!?!?! Bloody GW is getting into everything.
>This is a bit too much like what my Vampire (RPG) friends say when they have
>seen the latest movie.
>Oh that guy was Ventrue, yeh and his girlfriend was Toreador. The big guy
>must have been Brujah...
>It's a sure sign that you are playing too much of a game!
Yup, I agree. But wait till you see those grey-skinned creatures (totally
Orkish!). And the bulky power armour. Totally unsuitable for combat - just
like 40k termie armour. It sure looks good, but hell, you can't even swing a
sword to and fro ! Only up and down :(


>Then again, it could be worse. You could be saying "That guy is just like a
>Baron Sengir" {magic}
>-Troy Baker-
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