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>In the new white dwarf they have included a white scars detachment sheet and
>a special White scars rule - they can always retreat from a firefight/combat,
>even if they win, to represent their hit and run tactics.

Thanks for info. But what are the benefits of retreating from a
firefight/combat when you are winning ?

> However, I personaly and very annoyed at this. Its the third article
>published on space marines, and already includes 3 new specializations (space
>wolves, dark angels and white scars) - something they said they would never
>do. It also includes the emperors tarot, an alternate set of fate cards for
>the imperium that is FAR superior to the ones in the game.

Yup, I would think the craftworlds, the Tyranids and the Orks would have
even more chances to evolve from the original template.

> Why have they got this thing about space marines at GW? Do they fantasize
>about them? They have neglected all the other races in 40K, whilst the space
>marines have 3 codexes, and it now looks like they are doing the same in epic

SM are hoomies of course. And beside with only 1000000 SM guarding the
galaxy, they need all the help they can get :)
BTW one does not fantasise about SM, one fantasises of Sororitas. Get that
straight !! :P

> You can guess I have just heard that Eldar arnt coming out till Novemeber,
>presumably to catch the Chrimbo sales.
BTW what is Chrimbo sales ?


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