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Date: Sat, 24 May 1997 10:36:28 +0730

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>> > It's better than any of the batman movies, IMO.
>> Rant Warning . . .
>[Schulmacher rant snipped]
> I really can't understand what they thought
>they were doing with Batman Forever and this new one.
>1st Batman movie - good movie. 2nd movie - not as good
>as the first, too many characters. 3rd movie - hey,
>let's add MORE characters!!! that'll make it much
>better!!!! (uh-huh) new movie - EVEN MORE characters
>crammed into it. Even with a good director (which the
>film doesn't have), 5 major characters is too many to
>juggle in a meager 2 hours.

A classic sign that the production team is running out of steam and ideas.
Just throw everything in - something for someone.

Lets see, for the next title will be:
The Batty family !

> I'll go see it, I'm expecting it to be pretty
>funny. Not intentionally funny, mind you, but funny
>nonetheless. How could it not be, with Arnold in that
>ridiculous get-up?

More like pathetic I would think. A big star like him has to resort to
getting himself into that (like you say) ridiculous contraption - but I bet
he is not complaining. I know I won;t - a few million bucks, get to play out
a childhood character etc. Seriously though they should have casted him as
Bane - IIRC Bane was something the KGB created (those accents would blend
right in).


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