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>John Erickson wrote:
>> > At one
>Basically, some French Military Special Forces planted a mine on the
>Greenpeace vessel "Rainbow Warrior" in Auckland Harbour, and killed
>someone in the process. They got caught red-handed.
Kinda funny is it (the redh-handed, I mean the red-handed part)? Special
Forces to boot.

>There was a plan to send in a group of Uniformed French Commandos to
>rescue them from jail. Regardless of civilian casualties. We heard about
>it (from whom and how is another matter).
>Imagine if, say some Libyan military had been caught in, say, Halifax
>after sinking a ship full of dissidents. And then a batallion of Libyan
>troops landed in Canada, storming the jail, and killing many people. I
>suspect the reaction of the USA would have been more than just harsh
>words in the UN.

But if the Libyans just plan for it, the response might not be so harsh.

>The comparison is apt: and attack on New Zealand is an attack on
>Australia, the way an attack on Canada is an attack on the USA.
>BTW the people who committed this murder were transferred to a French
>pacific island to serve out the rest of their sentences. The French
>Government then tore up the agreement after 18 months and not merely
>released them, but gave them medals.

Ze French arrogance, no ?

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