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>Sauron1 writes;What I have is a lot of warlords and SM.But They were only
>two armies,Grey space Wolves and Black Sons of Horus.

You mentioned Grey Space Wolves - you mean Space Wolves were called Grey
previously (sorry did not have AT) or is that just the colour scheme :) ?

>There were 20
>companies of each,1/4 Assault,1/4 Devistator,and the rest plain
>tactical.They fought,won or died under the feet of the Titans for five
>years,but things change.

>Now I am repainting them into Ultra Marines,Blood
>Anges,Space Wolves,Dark Angels and Sons of Horus.I want to bulid Imperial
>guard,so I need to buy enough stands to have an Epic2nd Imperial Guard
>company.I have the heavy tanks and an artillery battery but no
>infantry.Therefore the call for sprues.By the way do you know the company
>colours for the SM Legions I am painting? sauron1

SM chapters you mean (as opposed to the SM Legion before and during Horus
Heresy). I am not sure if I understand you right, but here's the color schemes.

Chapter Color Official Paint (IIRC?) But in real life

UM Blue Ultramarine Blue Not the solid blue
in WD

BA Red Blood Angel Red Too orangish

DA Dark Green Dark Angel Green Kinda ugly, Ravenwing's
                                                        all black scheme does
                                                        not come out very well.
SW Grey SW Grey

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