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>>I think there was something about the "Call of the Wild" fate card. When a
>>Space Wolves player uses this card ALL of his Space Wolf units, not just
>>the ones ON the board go into a blood lust and begin howling at such a loud
>>level everything on the board is destroyed (except any units allied with
>>the Space Wolves)if it doesn't make a 100+ die roll save (I think that's 16
>>consecutive rolls of '6' and then a final 4+ roll).
>Maybe that's the special power of the spacepuppy leader Njal Cheesecaller.
>(btw, Njal has a special 2+ save in addition to his regular save). This
>power is balanced by the steep cost of fielding Njal (27 pts) and the fact
>that he can only do it once per turn.

Just got my WD210 yesterday !
Could not find anything of that nature. Someone has already put up the
specialisation of the 4 chapters (Space Wolves, White Scars, Ravenwing (Dark
Angels), Death Company (Blood Angels) so I won't go too much into that.

A few interesting points though.
The White Scars :
- chaplains are called Brother Priest.
- no Armour Detachment, though it can have tanks in support.
- captains (Khan) can upgrade to Land Speeder (Hero) for free.

The Space Wolves :
- Space Wolves adds an additional +1 to their assault value.
- Wolf Guard termies can upgrade to heavy weapons (+6 points)
- Blood claws has Rampage added in, in addition of Assault and Space Wolves
(cost pts).

The Death Company
- has Assault, Save, Rampage
- led by Chaplain (Hero)

There is an interesting statement made by the author of the article. "Like
the Ravenwing, this (ability) enables the White Scars to excel at particular
types of attacks, but is useful rather than powerful."

Makes one wonder about the abilities of Death Company and Space Wolves - so
the SW and BA has powerful abilities :) - doesn't it ?

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