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Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 10:13:38 +1000 (EST)

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> >Have I detected someone who doesn't think Starship Troopers is one of the
> >classics of science fiction. I think I'll contact the Inquisition :P
> It's really more Heinlein in general. Basically, I think the guy wrote
> extremely clean and elegant prose, but was otherwise clueless about plot,
> characterization, subplots, or any other of the subtleties of writing
> novels; particularly characterization. He substitutes his peculiar brand of
> "Rah! for us!" didactic crap for virtually all the more complex elements.

I beg to differ, although I cannot claim to a comprehensive knowledge of
all his works, I found most of them enjoyable and the issues he covers
most thought provoking. In Starship Troopers he painted a society with
what some would consider intolerable restrictions on personal freedom,
corporal and capital punishment and work for your vote as a utopian
society, why did he do this? Maybe he believed it himself, but I'm sure
he didn't expect everyone to feel that way, but whatever your politics the
book is a good and thought provoking read.
As for characterisation, what about Mike the computer in Moon is a harsh
mistress, he was a fine character who wasn't human but imitated human
behavior. Finally in (bugger can't remember the name) the one with
Martians and the assasinated diplomat where they employ an actor to play
the part of the diplomat and he finally takes up the cause that he has
been acting.

Most probably Heinleins has written crap but I've manage to avoid it, I've
heard that JOB was pretty lame.

Rob L.

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