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>>Well, it depends on what you use the flak cover for, I guess. I think of
>>flak units protecting artillery pieces more than anything else. Sure,
>>your infantry detachments are going to get shot up a bit, but them's
>>the breaks, I guess. The Eldar actually have it pretty good, as their
>>flak units can actually keep up with everything else in their army,
>>_and_ shoot farther,
>Actually since you need to be on special orders, thus no move, you can't
>keep up with your army. Unless you buy 2 detachments and "leapfrog" them.
>Buy this time your almost better off going with some inetrcepters, or
>bombers of your own on intercept orders.
>>with a great shot on any flier it wishes to take.
>>Marines can't even take flak units unless they want to take IG allies.
>>Orks also have fairly cheap flak units, and if you keep a couple of
>>them dispersed along the edges of the detachment, say on the corners,
>>you should have enough coverage to deter incoming flier attacks. It
>>might be that I'm a little more naive, being that I'm not as
>>experienced a commander.
>It looks good on paper. Actually trying to keep your flak units in front
>of your troops to protect against fliers just means that they get shot up
>by the ground forces, then the bombers blow the hell out of you. Unless
>they come up with flak units with a much greater (60+ cm) range they are
>pretty much usless. IMHO anyway.

What is the range anyway (did not have the Armies book wih me) ?

Maybe GW wants us to buy more flak units so as to be able to protect the

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