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Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 12:48:07 +1000 (EST)

>sauron1 wrote:
>> Sauron1 writes:Michael; What do the abreveations CMD stand for? I use
>> Renegade Legion Grav Tanks and all the vehicles from OGRE myself.The
>> Ogres vehicles themselves are a tracked titans of a Pre-dark Age/Original
>> Human expansion Empire my Imperials are figting.With those and Battle
>> teck units They give quite a variable number of vehicles that fit right
>> in. sauron1
>It's a company name. The figure line in question is for "Dirt Side II"

CMD stands for Copeland Miniature Designs, a company which used to be
attached to Ground Zero Games, but due to the failing health of Mr Copeland
himself, GZG has now taken over all the design, copyrights and manufacturing
of the CMD minis. They are out of production in the U.K. at the moment as
the range is undergoing revision, but it is still available through GeoHex.
There is also the "DSM" range of minis from GZG that are absolutely
beautiful and are Epic scale reproductions of 25mm vehicles for use is GZG's
25mm skirmish game "Stargrunt II".

GZG is producing some 1st rate stuff right now.


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