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<< ----> Again, I said outside of dreadnoughts, they haven't had any boxed
 vehicles. Last month you got a two-seat attack bike and Lo and
  My eldar didnt gain any "spifffy2 new add-ons when their codex came
 out, but
 look at the space Wolf/imperial guard special rules.
 ---> Ummm, Teleporting Warp Spiders weren't a spiffy new unit?
 Wraithguard who's guns ignore armor aren't spiffy? The Phoenix Lords
 aren't just a little bit powerful? I don't know about where you play,
 but there's plenty of bitching about "Eldar Cheese" where I
 play.They're one of my 2 main armies (marines are the other...), and I
 bought the book the week it came out , and I played 1st ed as well, so
 let me tell you, they got a nice power-up when that book came out. As
 for Space Woofs, Harlequins can hold up / beat Space wolves pretty
 much all the time, as if the Scorps and Banshees weren't enough. That
 fight usually comes down to who charges first...
         I agree the Woofs have plenty of cheese rules, but they lose as many
 games as everyone else that I've seen. Everyone gets their special
 rules and power weapons when it's their turn. A lot of it goes away if
 you eliminate special characters which fortunately seems to be the case
 with THIS Epic.
         (And are you saying above that the Imperial Guard have too many
 special rules? They LOST capabilities with their codex...)

a) When both the war walker and the dreadnought came out, no vehicle cards.
That was over 2 years ago! Why do we have to wait so long, when the imperials
got lots of extra vehicle ins the dark millenium set, and more in WD?
 And as for the vyper - how long have the eldar been waiting for that???
Since the release of the Eldar codex, you have got 2 more space marine army
books, more variets on the shoe box dreadnought, every possible space model
ever wanted...

As for the spiffy thing, I was referring to actual army rules, such as the
space wolf's heightened senses, and the imperial guard tanks, but I forgot
about the exarch things, so... :-)
 Also, as to the special characters thing, they dont have characters - they
have special detachments! I mean, the space wolf rule is just unfair - +1 to
every units assualt is too much. Also, the Death company are a bit too cheesy
for my liking - space marines with assualt, save and rampage are a bit too
good, especially for only 20 points! Give them jump packs, and your away...

Final point - I obvoisuly am not alone on this one (for a change :-)) - look
at the space wolf jokes that appeared as soon as the new detachments were

Very final point - if every army gets a couple of slightly different
detachments, and fate deck then everything should be okay - its just whether
they do that. Based on past evidence, its likely only space marines will get
these add-ons...

I live in hope...

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