Re: [Epic] June: GW Prices Rise....

From: Giancarlo Mauri <mauri_at_...>
Date: Sat, 31 May 1997 15:06:38 +0200 (METDST)

>At 08:34 PM 5/30/97 -0700, you wrote:
>>The following prices are from Australia. Multiply by 0.75 to find
>>amounts in US Dollars (then add a bit)
>>EPIC 40K Price in April AUD 119.95. As of the catalogue in WD210, AUD
>>Yes, that's up from about US $92 to $108
>>5 Plastic Terminators were AUD 59.95, now AUD 69.95. (In the local GW
>>store they were marked at AUD 62.95. I didn't have to resist even the
>>slightest urge to buy one)
>>Yes, that's up from about $46 to $54
>>Other gems.... Greater Daemon of Nurgle now AUD 69.95 (That's US $ (so
>>you can expect the 5 termies in the USA to hit $40 soon).
>>The prices in the local
>>So... in the USA get your plastic terminators NOW at $30 before the
>>price rise! Or give up before the prices reach $100 per mini ( sometime
>>in the next 3 years at current rates).
>>Me? I just got 30 figs for US $5 instead of US $14 ($10 in the USA) for
>>4 that GW charges. It pays to shop around, and may I recommend Gino's

Dear all,
        hey, if prices are rising once more, I should buy my E40K box NOW!
(or maybe never...)
This is a large expense, and I am not convinced because in the net I have
read a lot of critics about the game sistem (and GW), and very little else.
In Italy there are no GW stores in which one can browse the rules or the
contents of the box, so I would be most happy if anyone could send comments
or maybe a brief summary about how the game actually works.

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