[Epic] The integrity of GW?

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Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 11:15:34 +1000 (EST)

>Sorry, but as a GW player for several years, I just have to bite here.

Gotta bite as well.

>>1. Yes they are expensive, but compared to some other hobbies, they
>>aren't that bad. Don't take it personally that they are trying to make
>>money and grow like any other business out there.

Just a point here. Make money + Grow are reasonable business attitudes (well
pivotal really), but that does not even come close to explaining the sharp
increases in price and the cutting down of minnies per blister/boxed set.
Why are they becoming so expensive when their rivals are raising their
prices at something close to inflation rates. Yes other hobbies are
expensive, but it's the sharp rise in the prices that gets me angry.

And the GW business practices. Well anyone that has had anything to do with
GW as a business can tell you they are bad, real bad. And pushy. I have yet
to hear any business being happy with the way they force their wicked ways
upon them.

>>2. Their stuff, for the most part, has a high appeal factor, and their
>>quality is good to great compared to some other game companies. I called
>>customer support regarding a miscast sprue of Space Marines, the staff
>>of the Librarian was stubbed. They sent me all whole new sprue. No

As Kelvin said their service to the customer is very good, but then every
other gaming company I've bought from has been the same in service.

I have to beg to differ with the high quality of their games. Their
minatures are amouungst the best, their games systems are in the middle or
lower end of the scale. They produce far too much min-maxing possibilities,
and many of the rules are just well....bad.

The games they made that I love are Bloodbowl and Epic. Necromunda was also
well done, but their staple crop they live off are 40K and WFB, and the
rules for these really slot into the bad quality games IMHO. They no longer
support Bloodbowl, changed at a very high cost, epic; and necro has been
left in the wilderness. So it's back to Magic, full thrust and stargrunt for me.

>>If the minis get too expensive, what does it ultimately mean? Smaller
>>armies? Smaller point games? Shucks, you mean I have to paint fewer
>>miniatures? Oh well.

Hmmmm....don't know how I can argue with that sort of argument. I'd prefer
to get more minatures of a similar quality then less just because it has
that wonderful GW copyright stamp on it. I don't want to be supporting a
bloated giant that dosen't give a $#!+ about the people they sell to.

As for replacing damaged for new sprues, have you ever considered that with
the prices they charge they might still be making a profit in doing that?

I'd still love to see how much profit GW IS actually making. They keep
talking about themselves being a business, but I want to know how much they
do make off the hides of poor gamers.

>Sorry about that, but it just had to be done.

You should hear us when we've had a few and start talking about the old days
of gaming and the NEW WORLD ORDER at GW.

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