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Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 11:47:11 +0200 (MET DST)

On Thu, 5 Jun 1997, Scott Shupe wrote:

> Mark A Shieh wrote:
> >
> > I've got a psyker/supreme commander question for the Q&A.
> > Three guardian squads with warlocks are all that remains of a
> > detachment. One of the guardians is engaged in a Close Assault. The
> > second guardian is within 15cm of the first, but is not assaulted.
> > (adds +1 to total assault) The last guardian is within coherency but
> > not 15cm.
> >
> > E= enemy G= guardian
> >
> > E
> > EG1<-10cm->G2<-10cm->G3
> >
> > How many psykers does the Eldar player have in this combat?
> >
> > a)1
> > b)2
> > c)3
> B, 2 - the psyker has to supporting the close combat (or
> firefight) - I think if you look at the wording on the mods table
> this is fairly clear.

This one I agree on.
> > Which places would a supreme commander contribute to the combat by
> > allowing his reroll?
> > a)G1
> > b)G1 and G2
> > c)all 3
> zuh... well supreme commanders have to be supporting the
> combat in order to give the reroll, correct? So B. I don't see
> any room for confusion on this one.

But not this one. Rule quate from the rules for Supreme commander:
"...Also, if the Supreme Commander (not just his bodyguard) fights in a
close combat or contributes his firepower to a firefight then you may
re-roll the dice for theat close combat or firefight..."

This claerly states that the SC himself have to be in CC not just his body

To put futher emphasis on this consider the special rules for the
Dominatrix, which specificly state that in addition to the normal SC rules
You may also re-roll if the Dominatrix is just supporting a CC (which it
can as it is a war engin).

Therfor I feel that the answer to the question should be B.

A.I.C. rules for CHAOS
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