Re: {Epic} Braincrusha gun (was: Re: [Epic] Ork units that I miss.)

From: Mike Bowen <mbowen_at_...>
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 00:48:30 -0500 (CDT)

<snip changes from old version SM to new>

stuff does seem to mutate when the game is "updated" (insert sarcasm here)

look at the changes in the eldar list, from 2nd Ed. to E40k
where did the warp hunter go?
 try this 30cm skimmer 45cm,D2pulsar AF0 ARM 6+ 30 pts.
 or death ray for 35pts.

anyway,back to the Orks. the Brainchrusha had a Big Gun,indeed. The mega
cannon justdoesn't give the flavor of the 100cm "BOOM" that it had before.

have been trying out a 60cm Heavy barrage 0AF 30cm move 45pts

or a Anti tank shot, maybe, for 30 pts.

for house rules, we say that the Pulsa Rocket cannon be transported.
(the mini has would you fit that in/on a battlewagon?)
not to mention, how many shots does it have? 1?

the SAG, though, would be either a disrupt or an AT shot.
local group can't decide whats fair... range? used to be long range
but all agree its a direct fire weapon.. no arty ability here

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