{Epic} Braincrusha gun (was: Re: [Epic] Ork units that I miss.)

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Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 14:24:48 +1000 (EST)

>>I'd actually make it a Mega-cannon. That's what it always has been even
>>from the 1st Edition SM. Makes more sense.
>I don't think it merits a MC, since it wasn't even a barrage template
>weapon. I don't know what it was like in 1st ed. though. However,
>it's weapon was inferior to the shadowswords, which merited a deathray,
>not a MC. Also, I don't know any non-barrage weapon which was changed
>to a barrage weapon in e40k.

It certainly merits a Mega-Cannon as that is exactly what it is! In 1st Ed.
the Macro-cannon, as it was called, was a barrage weapon much like the
Mega-cannon of this edition is. Then when they switched over to the 2nd
Ed., Quake Cannons, as they became, lost their Barrage ability. Under the
new rules, they have that ability back again, so I see no reason why the
Braincrusha can't have an MC as its gun. They have nothing else and should
have stuff-all AV.

>I am interested in the justification people have to turn the braincrusha
>into a barrage weapon, because several people have made the suggestion
>Am I thinking about the wrong unit?

Nope, you just have never seen much of the 1st Ed. and are making you
decisions based on the 2nd Ed. Nothing wrong with that. But the B.crusha
has the mother-of-all-guns on it, so it should be suitably impressive.
That's why I think it warrents a Mega-Cannon.


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