Re: [Epic] Hello (E40K???)

From: Giancarlo Mauri <mauri_at_...>
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 1997 23:08:39 +0200 (METDST)

>Sauron1 writes;But it is NOT possible to play grand tactical games with 5
>Orc Clans and five SM companies any more as new players could not
>possibly afford that many units with GW,s current priceing.I see Epic40K
>just as a 6mm version of 25mm 40k and at that level they are advocating 5
>man squads as the unit of play as newcomers cannot afford whole 10 man
>units any more.Smaller is better is GW,s new policy as their priceing
>policy bears out!(sorry about the priceing rant!) sauron1

Maybe that' s why they invented Necromunda :-)

In my 2nd edition battles I often used "wrong" miniatures to increase the
size of my armies, as long as the models were somewhat consistent (Land
Riders for Leman Russes was good, Land Riders for Leviathans wasn't).
I think that when (if?) I buy E40K, I will not bother with rebasing all my
infantry, and I will add the different model to my mismatched army (yes I
play Nurgle).
Am I a real heretic?
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