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At 07:15 AM 7/23/97 -0400, you wrote:
>1000 marines per chapter means you could loose a chapter a battle. Also,
>marines arn't quick to make, the need training, implantation, ect. Therefore
>you would need more than 1000, because a since chapter could get wiped out
>pretty quick.

I used to think like that but then I realised that if a Medic can restore 1
in 3
marines to fighting ability on a battlefield, then think how many the chapter
could save after the battle. I mean it's not as if a marine is going to lie
there and bleed to death or anything.

To be honest I don't see why a million marines is so few. O.K. so there are a
million worlds in the Imperium, but they arn't all at war. Also I don't see
marines operating the way they do in our games. The Imperium would never send
more than a few into battle at once unless a lot was at stake, and then they
would be backed up by a few thousand Guardsmen.

In our games it's often the marines who do all the fighting, but in actuality
guardsmen would do most of the work, with marines performing the really
dangerous missions.

For example it would be Guardsmen who would lay siege to a heavily defended
stronghold, but when it came to storming the stronghold it would be a job for
the marines.

I'm not saying that GW's view is realistic, but I can understand where they are
coming from.

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