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From: David Lado <lado_at_...>
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 12:27:59 -0400 (EDT)

>> Eugene wrote :
>> >No offense to the roolzboyz, but the roolz clearly state that if a
>> >war
>> >engine with a close assault weapon wins a close combat against
>> >another war
>> >machine, that losing war machine suffers catastrophic damage. It
>> >isn't as
>> >if this rule needed clarification to begin with. The holofield saves
>> >against hits, not rolls on the catastrophic damage table, so it
>> >won't save
>> >your precious titan against the CLEANSING POWER of the IMPERIAL
>> >In my opinion, at least.
>> >
>> I'm sorry Eugene but I think you're wrong. I understand your
>> frustration (I usually play against an Eldar player) but I've read in
>> the rule book that the holofield worked as the SAVE capacity, ie on a
>> 2+ any hit (even in Close Combat) can be ignored. And the
>> catastrophic damage is the result of a hit... :(
>> I hope you will find some good arguments to prove that this is not
>> right, I'm looking for a solution do destroy these eldar titans since
>> the new version is out...

>I think the relevant rule (p.32) reads "If a war engine armed with a
>close combat weapon wins a close combat against an enemy war engine it
>automatically inflicts catastrophic damage on it". Since there is no
>mention of hits being scored, and since the holo-field only saves
>against hits, I believe that the catastrophic damage will be inflicted
>without a holo-field saving throw.
>Now, some of the saner list memebers have reasoned that in order to
>cause damage you must first score a hit. They have suggested that it
>would probably be a good idea to go ahead and roll for number of hits
>(dice = half current DC etc..) and only accept catastrophic damage if at
>least one hit was scored and not saved. This would, however, be an
>optional rule, not something for the eldar player to rely on.

Actually, I kinda agree with Lemm on this point. Look at it from
the other direction. If 2 titans with CC fight, only the winner
inflicts catastrophic damage, not anyone who scores a hit. Also,
it would be possible to win a CC and not score a hit (by bad dice
luck), but this does not mean you don't inflict catastrophic damage.
Therefore, scoring a hit is neither necessary nor sufficient to
inflict catastrophic damage with a CC weapon. Only winning the
CC matters. Thus, eldar titans are SOL if they get beaten by a
CC armed WE, at least the way the rules currently read.


PS. IMO, you're as likely to get a correct answer on a rules question
     by flipping a coin as you are by asking the roolzboyz. I doubt
     they even play the game, and I really doubt they have any insight
     on the game we can't collectively come up with here. I've said
     it before (and I'll say it again), the only people that can say
     definitively what the _intent_ of a rule is, are the people who
     wrote the rule. The rulezboyz work with the same information as
     we have available.
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