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From: Giancarlo Mauri <mauri_at_...>
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 21:06:29 +0200 (METDST)

>3) RPG: since E40K is not coming in Italy unlil September, and I have a
>well established RPG group I would like to know if a RPG based on the 40K
>(not fantasy battles) universe has ever been produced.
>Since I bet people already got the other questions, i'll field this one.
>Yes, there was one. It was more or less the rogue traider of which you
>speak. It in inculed highly detailed stats for diffrent guys, but
>honestly, I don't think it was very good. It wasn't much of a RPG either.
>We tried it once, it was more of an overly detailed minitures game. If you
>want an RPG I'd go for like Rifts(is that it?) where you can customize the
>worlds to a large degree. That way you can make a RPG in the 40K universe.
>Personally, I think that would be a fairly cool idea.
>"Your incorrect assumptions are threefold."
>"You assume law still reigns in the Five Galaxies"
>"You assume that we would be bound by precedents and precepts from the
>last 10 million years."
>"But your most incorrect assumption of all is to assume that we care."
> -David Brin, Infinity's Shore

I don' t know why I didn't read this message imediately (maybe because it
is waiting in the maibox with 268 more), but I thank you for the letter,
and I think I will try a major reshaping of some other RPG, like D&D (I had
altready made a steam engine era version of this one), or maybe GURPS.
I never read GURPS or Rifts rules so I would ask for comments from anyone.
I know this is not related to Epic, so if you think it isn' t relevant to
the list just send them to:
If you do this, please add (EPIC) to the subject, so it will be easier to
separate my messages from the other ones. (We subscribed three different
mailing lists...)
Thanks in advance
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