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From: Tzeentch <tzeentch666_at_...>
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1999 21:15:30 -0800

In addition to PDFing the existing set of rules (will be emailed tomorrow)
I've started in on NetEpic Deluxe.

Right now I'm simply rewriting text and seeing how things end up being laid
out - but I do have some questions on what people would like to see in the
draft text I'm doing:

Titans and Praetorians: Should these be moved to their own supplement book?
As it is it looks a bit odd..I'd like to concetrate soley on the actual
rules for everything in the Core Rules book - not specifics like individual
Titan weapons. I can see having the rules for these units, but I don't see
much reason to have all the weapons and such in there.
  Praetorian and specific-race battlegroups should be moved the appropriate
race book.

Supplementary Tables: These are going to be moved to their own printable
files, sound good?

Race Specific rules: As many of these as possible I'd like to see compiled
and made a bit more generic. I'm open to suggestions on reducing the amount
of "special rules" and exceptions in NetEpic.

Clarifications and calls for rewordings: As I wade through this I will
periodically be pointing out rules that may be ambiguous. Some of these may
be incredibly lame or "noone will EVER think it means X" but I'll bring it
up anyways. NetEpic is already pretty tight but I'd like to find even more
of the ah...quirky rules :)

Numbering and indexing - I'm not going to be doing that in the draft - once
the draft is accepted by the group then I'll go through and index

And SONOFABITCH! Word crashed and just tanked the draft!! If someone has a
spare copy of Adobe Pagemaker laying around PLEASE let me know as this Word
crap has GOT to go!



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