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Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 09:30:09 -0800

[To clear this up, here are the current rules taken directly from the 3.0

Firing with Artillery Units
<snip first paragraph and chart>

Artillery may place a barrage template anywhere within range and line of
sight . This is called direct barrage. After the barrage template is placed
calculate the total barrage points to obtain the to hit roll needed for
every model at least partly covered by the barrage template. Use your
judgment here; just touching the side or corner of a model is not enough the
template must cover at least some of the figures or a large portion of the
actual model.

<snip indirect fire>

Note that, when placing a barrage template, the template need not be
centered on a target model.

[Where does it mention touching templates? The rules for multi-template
weapons (which are said to be standard in the optional rules - should be
placed here.]

Alternate Rule: Open-Sheaf Barrages
All artillery units that normally use barrage templates are allowed to fire
Open-Sheaf barrages. This means that each gun in the battery may generate
one barrage template with Barrage Points equal to the amount that one gun
supplies. Of course, each template would still have to touch two others as
per our standard multiple template rules. This does not affect the number of
attacks of the battery, but if it has more than one attack all of these
should be fired in the same way.

[Again, mention of the standard multi-template rules... These rules are not
in the Core Rules. Not very standard neh?]

I think this settles the barrage template question - incorporate the
standard rules for multi-template weapons (what book IS it in anyways?
Imperial Guard?)


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