[NetEpic ML] Squat Tips: Got Any???

From: <cmackenzie_at_...>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 22:18:46 -0000

I have played Epic for years as a Space Marine and later Imperial Commander, against my three brothers who played as Eldar, Orks and Chaos respectively. Switching to Squats after our last campaign game ended with an Imperial defeat has given me more than a few headaches. The SuperHeavy tanks are great, but too vunerable to Ork special weapons (and ball rounds), while Eldar units seem to keep me under a psychic lock (even with void shield protection) before destroying me. Against all opponents, the Squat infantry don't seem to compete. The only non-super vehicle that seems to be able to compete, was an experimental Squat battlesub I designed and tested. Am I doing something wrong??? If anyone has any tips for me I'd be much obliged.

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