[NetEpic ML] Re: Squat Tips: Got Any???

From: Peter Ramos <pramos1_at_...>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 20:08:54 +0000


I'll give you tips using both standard SM/TL and net epic


Bike companies, use many, use liberally. They are not only relatively cheap and numerous they have a CAF of +4 which is one better than everyone elses fast attack units. Use them to rapidly engage the enemy and pin them. Remember your high break point makes you very resilient, the enemy will invariably break before you do. Also keep a detachment or two in reserve to protect your artillery. Counter charge anything that gets to close.

Artillery, very powerful, use goliath mega-cannons to attack buildings before your assault. Since they ignore cover modifiers you can really hurt them. Also make buildings uncomfortable for the enemy destroy them whenever possible.

Thunderers, a must! The power of 15 attack dice per detachment cannot be taken lightly. However dont always put them in buildings, craters, ruins or woods edge are much better since they afford cover without risking them unnessecarilly.

Super heavies, if you use them use them in pairs and place them close together in support of each other. The amount of firepower one can muster pales in comparison at what BOTH can do! No titan can hold its own with two of these shooting at it in unison. Use their barrage weapons entirely in one place of the most damage, not piecemeal.

Rhinos and tunellers, mobility is at a premium in the squat army a couple of points for rhinos for choice detachment can really make a difference. In coordination with bikes even one detachment of infantry can hold the objectives.

Overlords, not only do they afford you line of sight to the whole battlefield they pack a mean punch and are annoying as hell to the opponent.

Net Epic

Most of the above applies, but since super heavies have hit location templates like titans you can now depend on one of them holding a front on their own.

Tunnelers are VERY effective in net epic, squats MUST use them liberally.

Squat thunderfire, air power is more devastating in net epic but the defensive value of these can keep your air space safe.

Hope that helps.


cmackenzie_at_... wrote:

> I have played Epic for years as a Space Marine and later Imperial Commander, against my three brothers who played as Eldar, Orks and Chaos respectively. Switching to Squats after our last campaign game ended with an Imperial defeat has given me more than a few headaches. The SuperHeavy tanks are great, but too vunerable to Ork special weapons (and ball rounds), while Eldar units seem to keep me under a psychic lock (even with void shield protection) before destroying me. Against all opponents, the Squat infantry don't seem to compete. The only non-super vehicle that seems to be able to compete, was an experimental Squat battlesub I designed and tested. Am I doing something wrong??? If anyone has any tips for me I'd be much obliged.
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