[NetEpic ML] A little bit O' dat!

From: Tzeentch <tzeentch666_at_...>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 17:53:14 -0800

Hell, why not :) Perhaps #4 will be an "Army List Spectacular To Amaze the
Senses and Crush your Mind!!"

I could stage the reintroduction of my Domination of the Draka army list as
well as add Mecha to Epic Ogre :)

I still need to get the second part of the Airstrike and Flak rules!!!!

And what else should go in issue 3? There is a TON of material waiting to be

-Second part of Flak!
-Second part of Airstrike!
-New Titan combat rules
-Titan experience tables
-40K3 Chaos-based Army list
-Draka army list
-Starship Troopers scenario
-The Blob scenario
-Tons of Epic Ogre articles
-Epic Ogre: Battlesuit
-Slann (revised) army list
-More strategy articles!!
-Rules clarifications and errata
-And MORE!

NetEpic Slavedriver <whipcrack>

>Dont worry about hte slann the rules have been revised and they now have
more armor and AA-guns as well as air-transports and mechanized units.
>Ken when do you think they will be released, Incoming! #4?
>Any input on the slann is greatly appreciated since they are still in the
development phase.

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