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>After finishing my ork army i've decided to build a chaos horde.
>But beside a few slaanesh hell striders and slaanesh questors there are no
>chaos model available in Hungary. :-(
>Have you tryed GW?, any old epic model that was made in lead you can still
order from England give it a whirl, or go to www.thearmory.com there you
will find a company that sells all kinds of 1/300 size models most ww II but
also space models like space marines, alein infantry, and some others. The
infantry starts as low as $5.00 for 40 foot troops not bad and look at
battle tech figs for your knights or Kry o mech they make some cool looking
knight size deamons and start at bout $4.50 a blister of 2, some ideas for
you, you don't have to use GW product to play this game find proxy that fit
the bill at half the price. That is what is wrong whit GW they want to push
sales of models so they change the game instead of makein new models, or new
armies, or even a whole new game. Just my input on a crap company that is
trying to corner the market on table top gaming!
>So if someone have some superfluous chaos modells for sale or trade please
>contact me.
>Thanks in advance!
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