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Tzeentch wrote:

> Hola!
> As I'm not the biggest rules-guru for NetEpic (ironic neh?) I'm forwarding
> these questions to the list for comment. Clarifications will appear in the
> next Incoming. So hopefully we won't be answering the same questions over
> and over.

Lucky for all of you I AM the net epic Q&A guru <grin>. So besides running them
by the group I'll give you my call on existing rules interpretation precendence
since I own every clarification ever made official by GW (although I may not
agree with all of them).

> <just kidding>
> 1. A unit on Advance orders is charged. If it wins its Close-Combat, then
> can it fire in the Advance fire phase?
> --> Yes

Oldie but goody. Unfortunately not simply answered. The GW interpretation is
that if the model on advance is PINNED by the close combatant them it MAY NOT
fire, if the unit COULD NOT be pinned by the combatant then it CAN fire. This
avoids the pre-TL ploy of charging titans in advance so as to make it not fire.

> 2. Normally, no armor saves are allowed for losing Close-Combat. Can a
> Chaos Greater Daemon use its Chaos cards to protect it from being destroyed
> in Close-Combat?
> -->As long as it was not vs some sort of psychic attack (i.e. Grey Knights).
> So yes, unless the unit you are fighting specifically mentions that ability.

Chestnut! Yes. Unless the close combat attack is psychic such as eldar warlock
titans and grey knight or avatar close combat, in this event NO.

> 3. Along the same lines: Is the Eldar Avatar destroyed when it loses
> Close-Combat? Or does it still get its unmodified save?
> --> It's dead. No saves during close combat. Even Daemons don't get a save -
> although they can spend cards to stay alive.

<buzzer> According to GW the avatar is the ONLY unit in epic that save in close
combat and anything else in the game as well (yes that includes vortex
missiles!). His save is unmodifiable and valid against anything! I will let you
decide if this is cheesy of not.

> 4. Do Knights use the SuperHeavy damage table?
> -->No, may have been intended but it never says.

Yes, it was intended but perhaps not pointed out clearly. Ken get Birol to fix

> 5. How about Chaos Greater Demons?
> --> Ha! I wish :) No.

<chuckle> They are good, but not that good.

> 6. Do Chaos Greater Demons Close-Combat Titans in the normal manner? That
> is, rolling two dice each and adding the respective CAF to determine
> outcome.
> -->Yes

Agree. Only lowly infantry and vehicles use the variant rules of close combat
with titans.

> 7. I've got a quick question on the Dominatrix Energy Pulse. In the
> description, it lists that buildings must save at a -4 modifier, but at the
> end it states that buildings are not affected. Which is it? Thanks!

Another boner on GW's part. To keep it simple it should not be considered a
template attack (even though it is one) and thus it doesn't ignore holofields
and like the macro-cannon it affects buildings, even though this is not a
template weapon either.

> -->Uh oh, a butterbar asked this one [:) hehe
> Ahh, you spotted a rules error! in this case I would have to say fall back
> to the SM/TL rules where it says: "Buildings must make a saving throw at -4
> if they are hit by the pulse and will collapse into rubble if they fail."
> (Hive War pg.50)
> I believe the original intention was to remove the blasts ability to
> ignore holofields and rip up buildings though -so expect an further
> clarification on this.
> As I'm clarifying the rules as I go farther into version 4 these will surely
> make it in there - as will the Ork Scorcher template, blast template
> clarification, vortex missiles and Eldar free cards.
> Thank you for playing, you'll get your consolation prize at the door :)~

Ooo, ooo! What do I get?!


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