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From: Lorenzo Canapicchi <canapi_at_...>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 10:23:35 +0100

Peter Ramos wrote:
> Having played hundreds of games of SM/TL I have seen almost all combinations of cheesy armies, all knight armies, all bloodletter armies, heavy weapon armies etc. Funnily once you have a good grasp of the game you can beat all these specialized armies with regular everyday armies, without resorting to cheese. All you need is a plan and a good knowledge of the rules.
> If some have specific examples of a cheese army, I'll tell you how to counter it.

Eh eh just to point out what you said, my last Epic match (two days ago) was
Dark Angels (me) against Titan legion, when I saw the TL army list of my
opponent I said: well ok let's go home to play MOO II, plaing this game it'a
only a waste of time...
here are the army lists:

Warlord Titan Battle group
Nova Cannon
Thunderbolt flyers det.
2 Baneblade (I just don't remember the name, anyway those fancy thing that fire
360 deg around)
2 warhounds

Land Rider Company
Battle Group + Drop Pod
Scytes of the emperor
Vindicator det
Rapier laser destroier
2 WarHounds

Well after a general carnage of my army list (I lost 90% of the LR company after
the first turn, so imagine the rest of the game) in the 4th turn I won the game
taking all but one objectives and destroing the Nova Cannon (with a land rider),
1 Baneblade (with 2 terminator) and one WarHound (with a land speeder).
So don't give up to play against cheesy army even when all seems lost

Lorenzo Canapicchi
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