[NetEpic ML] Fight Cheese with Cheddar

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Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 19:57:42 -0000

Sometimes it makes a welcome break to fight with a cheesy army against an equally cheesy opponent. It provides different challenges, and can be as good as a 'proper' game. However the satisfaction you get from beating a cheesy opponent with a standard army is uncomparable. Stealing an battle winning objective with an infantry detachment from in front of a gargant big mob and watching your opponent try desperatly to wipe them out and suddenly realising he's not going to do it is an excellent feeling. I've also experienced the other side of the coin, when I first took an Imperator against a Chaos force. My brother decided that seeing as he couldn't match it or destroy it, he would take a force capable of surviving against it. Accordingly he took more Greater Daemons and regeneration troops, and avoided titans that would be destroyed and give me massive victory points. I am told the look on my face when his unit of trolls regenerated right in front of my titan and took an objective was something else. Of course
 this was only possible because the campaign rules we were playing with limited me to one Imperator which I had to show on the map so everybody knew when they would be facing it. Overall though ask yourself why you are taking a cheesy army. If its because you want to beat your opponent, aren't you accepting that you can't beat him through a more balanced army choice, and secondly if beating your opponent is more important than actually triumphing in a contest then why bother playing in the first place??

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