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Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 23:15:25 -0800


Space Marine
  -More formatting and spelling fixes - much nicer looking tables.

Imperium Unit Reference Chart
  -Man the other one looked bad! Totally redone, added the missing Rhino
costs (45 points). Looks a _lot_ nicer.

Detailed Weapon Chart
  -Woops! Looks like I left this out of Codex Titanicus - here it is, the
detailed weapons data for everything in Codex Titanicus. I'll be using this
chart as a master and updating it as I begin the arduous task of converting
the articles over.
  -PDF (looks great when printed but is not meant to be hole punched - put
it in one of those sleeves.)

  -Close Combat cards in a nice format (NOT scans!)
  -Redo all the reference charts to look a lot better.
  -Incorporate the errata from White Dwarf.
  -Old Adeptus titanicus era articles available - PDF (yes this includes the
unfinished Chaos list, the Squats, Imperial Guard and Space Marine lists).
As well as the oldies but goodies like the days when troop stands had
different grenade types and the super heavy vehicles had different names ;)


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