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Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 16:20:00 +0100

> 1. A unit on Advance orders is charged. If it wins its Close-Combat,
> can it fire in the Advance fire phase?

B), but with some modification:
 B) Units may fire in the Advance Fire segment if they were engaged by units
 that could not pin them. If they were engaged in close combat with units
 that could pin them (even if they win) then they may _not_fire_ in the
 Fire segment. Units that were on First Fire orders and engaged in close
 combat are immediately placed on Advance orders if they decide not to fire
 at the charging enemy.

> [Knights do use the Super-Heavy tables.]

Agree. They are superheavies after all.
By the way i would happy to see detailed damage tables for knights too.

> [Ork Scorchers use the Hellhound template.]

> Please post any rules questions or clarifications you would like to see
> appear in Incoming and in Version 4.0 of the rules.

Infantry AA fire.
My ork army is very vulnerable to the IG flyers, because i have no AA
But even if i could get some flakwagons, the flyers will evade their range
until they would be destroyed by indirect artillery barages.
3 thunderbolts is able to knock down 4 powerfields in each turn on average!

So i suggest to allow infantry AA fire if...
- The unit is on 1st fire
- The flyer straf line is extend over the infantry detachment
- The unit recieve a -1 to hit modifier for snap fire


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