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Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 17:13:56 -0800

Always a treat to hear peoples opinions about different rules. I can already
tell Version 4 is going to be one hell of a Service Pack :)

The rules that had different interpretations I've listed below. Let me know
what you think so we can get a consensus.

FWIW I vote 1) B, 2) A

1. A unit on Advance orders is charged. If it wins its Close-Combat, then
can it fire in the Advance fire phase?

A) Yes, units that win their round of combat may fire in the Advance Fire
B) Units may fire in the Advance Fire segment if they were engaged by units
that could not pin them. If they were engaged in close combat with units
that could pin them (even if they win) then they may _fire_ in the Advance
Fire segment. Units that were on First Fire orders and engaged in close
combat are immediately placed on Advance orders if they decide not to fire
at the charging enemy.

2. I've got a quick question on the Dominatrix Energy Pulse. In the
description, it lists that buildings must save at a -4 modifier, but at the
end it states that buildings are not affected. Which is it? Thanks!

A) Even though it uses a template it is NOT treated as a template attack (ie
vs holofields).
B) It may affect buildings (causes one hit with -4)
C) It is treated as a template attack.

1N) Now I have a problem with HQ units does the whole unit fight as a
command unit (always on charge and fire on first fire) or just the command
-->Just the actual Command stand itself. The rest of the unit must be given
orders as normal.

[Eldar Avatars DO get their unmodified save in close combat. They are the
only unit that gets this advantage.]

[Knights do use the Super-Heavy tables.]
[Ork Scorchers use the Hellhound template.]

Please post any rules questions or clarifications you would like to see
appear in Incoming and in Version 4.0 of the rules.

Paper or plastic?

Damn Scanjet Scanner STILL won't work under NT >:/

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