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>Here are some more clarifications and questions that were sent to me. I've
>answered to the best of my ability and did look up every rule before
>answering. If it's not there I say as much and make a best guess. Feel free
>to disagree, I'm interested in clearing up every little minor possible hole
>in the rules.
>Grey Knights:
>1. Can Greater Demons use their Chaos cards to nullify damage from the
>Knight's ranged weapons fire?
>2. a) Are Grey Knights allowed to move and charge on the turn they teleport
>2 b) If not, are they considered on Advance, FF, or are they even allowed
>shoot the turn the teleport in on?
>-->You still give Grey Knight units orders - even if they are not on the
>board. Thus once you teleport them onto the board during one of the
>phases they follow whatever orders they had at the time. So yes to a and
>depends to b.
>aaaaannnnggg wrong you may only teleport that turn, for this is a charge
move, so no firing. After that they are treated like a comand unit and move
and firer the same way, for they are trained just to fight chaos.
>1. Can Greater Demons use their Chaos cards to nullify the effects of a
>'Destroy Demon' used by the Librarian?
>-->Nope. you can't spend cards against psychic attacks. That's explicit.
>1. I know infantry and normal vehicles have special rules for attempting
>to close-combat a Titan. But how does it work if the Titan wants to
>initiate close-combat with infantry and normal vehicles?
>-->Move into contact, during the close combat phase roll two dice... Just
>like normal. Even though its not explicit I would assume that you use the
>special close combat conditions as noted in the rules for units attacking
>the Titan (ie infantry).
>plus you get to add your weapon mods if any, if the titan loses then it is
a hit to the titan roll d6 no damage chart
>2. Is there any effect during movement if the Titan moves over and through
>infantry and vehicles? Furthermore, if the Titan ends its move on top of
>several stands, then what happens?
>-->You can't end up "on top" of other units. You move into contact and
>There are no stomping and overrun rules in NetEpic. I made some for Ogres
>that also apply to Titans(see Epic Ogre article in Incoming 2).
>-->Nice idea for stompin' rules but it adds another table and special rule
>to a system already laden with special rules :) Plus you need modifiers for
>different Titans, the different races, and special cases vs different
>units....And then people would want rules for vehicles and Knights, etc
>More of a pain then its worth I think.
>3. Titans close-combat vs. buildings: If a Titan is adjacent to a
>may it shoot in the fire phase AND attempt to destroy the building in the
>close-combat phase?
>-->Don't see anything that _specifically_ forbids this. But I personally
>would enforce all firing arcs and not allow the titan to engage anything
>in his 180 degree front arc (ie no attacking buildings in hand-to-hand that
>are behind him). Of course in NetEpic Titans have no prob fighting enemies
>behind them ;) heh Wierd, but whatever...
>don't for get the Chaos titan tail, it would hit things behined it, but
other titans no. Only weapons not blocked by the biulding
>4. In previous rules, the Reaver Titan was not allowed to have a Plasma
>Cannon. Is this an intentional change and is the Reaver allowed to have
>Plasma Cannon?
>-->Where does it say this. I'll admit that the chart showing what Titan
>could get what is NOT in the rules (doh! Birol?) but if there is any doubt
>use the same restrictions as for SM2. This oversight will be corrected in
>Version 4 (Deluxe).
>In net epic the chart says you may use the plasma cannon on a Reaver
"cheesey", in the old rules the Reaver could not produce the plasma energy
to fire such a big gun, it was ment for warlords and bigger titans. The
Reavers big plasma gun was to be the blastgun HHHmmm read the blastguns rule
" quote " "this weapon was desinged for Reaver and Warhound titans, which
are unable to to use the larger plasma weapons due to the fact that their
reactors are insufficient to power these larger weapons" ooopppsss boner on
the weapon chart
>Close-Combat & Morale:
>1. I thought I recalled in one of the previous rules sets that broken
>who were engaged in close-combat, were forced to make a morale check at
>start of the close-combat phase. Was this inadvertantly left out, or am I
>just imagining things?
>-->The Morale rules are pretty clear on this I think. You make morale
>only when broken, rallying, or charged by daemonic troops. If you're broken
>and charged you fight at a negative simply because you are on Fall Back
>Thats in 40k this is epic
>AA guns:
>1. Can high angle AA guns target Knights? How about floaters at low
>altitude? high altitude?
>-->There are "low angle" AA guns? hehehe
>-->AA guns can target Knights if they could target other ground units.
>Floaters are treated as ground units for purposes of AA fire (ie range
>only if you are playing alt rules to target ground troop with aa guns

>Hope this helps! Keep em' coming.
>NetEpic Coordinator
>- Bret
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