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some from old rules and some from GW
Grey Knight
hhmmm you might be right, but then, when teleported that would be a charge
so no firing.
But GW says to treat as HQ for these would be elite troops trained to fight
on there own, droped behined enmy lines cut off from the chain of command.
Kind of like drop pods, but they would be given orders before droped, and
lead by HQ. Knights come through warp jump, must be hard on mind, and have
no idea were they will land, with no leader.
Bout chart, look at Tec-Gaurd&Imperail Knights
chart imperail Titan weapons plasma cannon has RW in boxat 100 pts
rule on plasma blastgun says only plasma weapon for Reaver and Warhound
HTH & morale I agreed with you. In 40k if charged and you are broken take
morale test if fail fall back 2 d6
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>[Grey Knights]
>-Michele Heidal-
>"aaaaannnnggg wrong you may only teleport that turn, for this is a charge
>move, so no firing. "
>"After that they are treated like a comand unit and move and fire the same
>way, for they are trained just to fight Chaos."
>-->Sorry, I don't see that in the rules. Please reference where you are
>getting this from. Nothing says the Grey Knights work as command units. I
>don't see any reference to teleporting counting as a charge move (though I
>guess it makes sense). There is also no special rules for teleporting units
>in the Movement section.
> For your edification here are the rules as printed:
>Grey Knights
>Grey Knights are the Marine Chapter whose sole purpose is to confront and
>destroy Chaos. Unlike regular units these may not be placed on the tabletop
>at the start of the game. The Grey Knights may be teleported to any
>chosen by the player on the tabletop as a detachment move in any moving
>phase. Once the location to teleport to is selected roll the scatter dice
>and 2D6 (as you would for an indirect barrage) to determine the exact
>arrival point of the Grey Knight detachment. The remaining stands are
>positioned within unit coherency of the first stand placed (6 cm). Each
>Knight stand receives a psychic save versus non-physical psychic attacks
>on D6). This unit may only be brought to a battle if the opponent is Chaos
>(and no other). Grey Knights are not subject to morale tests required by
>charging Greater Daemons and may fire upon Daemons normally.
>[Plasma Cannon]
>-Michele Heidal-
>"In NetEpic the chart says you may use the plasma cannon on a Reaver. In
>old rules the Reaver could not produce the plasma energy to fire such a big
>gun, it was meant for Warlords and bigger titans. The Reavers big plasma
>was to be the blastgun."
>what chart is this? I looked through both the online rules and my PDF
>versions and found nothing. Are you sure this is a NetEpic 3.0 chart? And
>so where is it?
>[Close-Combat & Morale:]
>-Michele Heidal-
>"Thats in 40k this is Epic."
>Mmmmh, you seem to be confused - I'll paste the rule below. The link to the
>online rules is <http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/1353/nemorale.html>
>Troops can only take so much before their discipline breaks and they decide
>to flee the battlefield. How long a unit will remain to fight is determined
>by its Break Point and Morale roll.
>Once a company or Support Card reaches its Break Point (the amount of
>casualties inflicted after which VP�s are awarded) it must make a break
>test. A break test consists of a D6 roll that must be equal or greater to
>the unit�s morale value (printed with the breaking point on the army card).
>If the roll is successful the unit maintains discipline and can be given
>orders normally.
>If the roll is unsuccessful, the unit must Fall Back and the appropriate
>counter is placed on the unit.
>When a Company reaches the Break Point, each detachment in the company must
>make a break test (regardless if that individual detachment is still
>intact!). In the case of a Support Card, only the detachment it represents
>need make the break test.
>Sometimes morale checks may be required due to special circumstances (being
>charged by Daemons etc.), these will be listed in the models individual
>Rally Check
>A unit that has failed morale will remain on Fall Back orders for the
>remainder of the turn and all of the next. In the end phase of the
>turn the unit may attempt to rally. A morale roll is taken:
>If successful the unit may be given orders normally in the following turn.
>If failed the unit remains on Fall Back orders.
>There are no special conditions for broken units being charged (which is
>what the original question asked). If a broken unit is charged then what
>happens depends on whether it has failed its morale check and gone on Fall
>Back. It it made the check then its broken but nothing else happens. Of
>course a broken unit that makes its morale check or rallies can be made to
>take additional morale checks if under the influence of psyker powers or
>charged by daemons.
>[AA guns:]
>-Michele Heidal-
>"Only if you are playing alt rules to target ground troop with aa guns."
>Ahh yes. As relates to ground units you are totally correct. I forgot that
>was an optional rule (SM dies hard). Ruling still stands vs floaters
>unless there is a problem I don't know about.
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