[NetEpic ML] Possible Errata?

From: Tzeentch <tzeentch666_at_...>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 14:20:45 -0800

[Grey Knights]
  To better reflect their elite status perhaps treat all Grey Knights as
command units. Units that teleport can perform no actions during their
turn - although they may become involved in close combat if they teleport
into base contact with enemies.
  Also, if a unit teleports into impassable terrain it is considered killed.
The exception is that units teleported into buildings are assumed to
survive. If there are enemy units in the building immediately fight a round
of close combat.
  Optionally, if a unit teleports into base contact then it _immediately_
fights a round of close combat -outside of the usual sequence. This makes
teleportation somewhat more useful and not as prone to snapfire bait :)
  I also think Grey Knights should be immune to ALL morale. If slathering
monstrosities and beasts that defy our most twisted dreams have no effect on
them then a particulary wierd looking Tyranid won't either!
  I additionally believe that the Grey Knights should return as a full
Chapter. Their biggest ability should be all of their troops are immune to
morale. Of course they may not be bought unless facing Chaos.

[Plasma Gun]
This is obviously in error. Reavers cannot mount the large plasma weapons.

Kenneth Peters
BTW: Got my scanner working!!!! And added in the level of damage chart to
Codex Titanicus...Oh happy days ;)~ Going to do the close combat cards as

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