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From: Joao Filipe Frade - LEI <jff_at_...>
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1999 09:57:38 +0000 (WET)


> tell Version 4 is going to be one hell of a Service Pack :)
Dont say that... it reminds me of MS. :)

>1. A unit on Advance orders is charged. If it wins its Close-Combat,
>then can it fire in the Advance fire phase?

>2. I've got a quick question on the Dominatrix Energy Pulse. In the
>description, it lists that buildings must save at a -4 modifier, but at
>the end it states that buildings are not affected. Which is it? Thanks!
A & B

On the other hand why not modify the holofields rule to allow a more
general rulling?
I thought about the following rule:
If a template weapon is targeted at something (titan, knight, etc.) with
an holofield the targeted unit its allowed is normal holo-save.
If it is succesfull then the barrage will scatter as normal (the shot was
miscalculated), otherwise use normal procedure.

>Please post any rules questions or clarifications you would like to see
>appear in Incoming and in Version 4.0 of the rules.

Ok, since you asked...
I thought about this when i mentioned the save for troops inside a
If a vehicle is destroyed during movement (snap fire, mines, etc.) and the
troops inside manage to survive, does the whole unit have to stop to
mantain unit coherency or may they complete their movement, leaving the
footed troops behind?



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