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Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 17:40:57 -0800

We are on a roll! Here are some more questions from Bret.

[Chaos: Invisibility Card]
Can it be played after the opponent announces targets, but before any to hit
dice are rolled?
-->Nothing prevents them from doing so under the current rules I'm afraid.
Mark it up to the Powers of Chaos.

And if so, are all the opponents shots considered a miss?
-->In this case yes.

Or, can the opponent instead elect to shoot elsewhere since that chaos unit
is now invisible?
-->A toughie. I would have to say no, on the basis that it COULD be
rationalized that while they were under fire (but before it really pinned
them down) they became invisible and moved off.

[Chaos: Vortex Card]
Is the scatter dice rolled exactly like the Vortex missle? Or is there no
chance of scatter?
-->I'm assuming you are referring to the Chaos Card: Magic of Tzeentch? If
that is the case then I would have to say the card is worded a bit clumsily.
Here is my interpretation (and how I have played it in SM).
  Effect: The unit may make an extra attack this turn, combining their
psychic power to create a vortex of energy (notice I said psychic -minor
fluff point). Place a vortex template anywhere within 25cm and line of sight
of the unit. This template does not roll for scatter but otherwise exactly
like the one produced by the vortex missile.

[Plasma Cannon Redux]
In reference to a previous question about whether a Reaver Titan is or is
not allowed to mount a Plasma Cannon, I found in the weapon's description
the following:
<snip Blastgun description>
This seems to indicate the larger plasma weapons (Plasma Cannon) would not
be usable by the Reaver.
-->It was 'discovered' that indeed Reavers could mount Plasma Cannons - but
the fluff text was never modified (d' oh!). However, the opinion of those
who commented seemed to agree that a Reaver that mounts a Plasma Cannon is
under the same restrictions after firing it as a Warlord is when firing a
Plasma Destructor. so mount a P-Cannon if you want, but you're going to be a
sitting target ;)

Thanks again for the questions!

- Bret

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