[NetEpic ML] GW Gateway: New Epic Sites

From: Tzeentch <tzeentch666_at_...>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 20:18:34 -0800

Well, while hunting around the net I stumbled on two new Epic pages. One is
E40K related, with WetEpic rules (hey, wonder if he stole the name from me?)
and the other is NetEpic member Weasels campaign page.

Lots more updates to come on the Gateway. Added a Warhammer Ancients page,
expanded the 40K3 section, combining some of the pages with more
combinations to come) and cleaning out a lot of stuff thats been sitting
there for over a year now.

Added a few sites that Kaare had not been able to take care of and I soon
will be making sure I ahve every link that is around - to the minimum of
what's on the Ultimate page. I'll next be checking to make sure all the
Mordheim and WHFB related material is still there and finish up the general
housecleaning. After that its the usual maintenance and additions. The hard
work is almost done.

If you see a site not on the Gateway let me know where it is and what it is
about. I'm not particularly interested in sites whos last update was 1996 or
earlier. In fact I'll be removing all sites that have not been updated
before Jan 01, 1997. Sorry but that's pretty pathetic. If there is useful
info on the page I'll probably pull it off and store it until I get around
to compiling Kaares other pages into one monster page.


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