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Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 01:50:47 -0000

HHHmmm I see noting in rules bout shooting at missiles???? I see flyers!!!
but not missiles. A missile would travle too fast, faster then a jet or
plane so a -2 to hit. Tho I'm not a missile player, I see nothing wrong with
ppl playing them, even if they choose all warp missiles. Find away around them
instead, for, when in a battle who knows what the enemy will send. A DICE
ROLL IS A BAD IDEA, for that is GW way out of everything they mess up, make
a rule and stick bye it. And if playing squats don't worry they stay on the field for ever. LOL :-) As for the TITANS get in close, after alittle shooting, they go down like regular tanks. Or take a Grand Battery, and blast hiw to bits, this will even up that warp missile hammering you take

Just My point of veiw

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