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Actually we DO have rules for them. They are page 11 of the Imperial Guard Booklet. It states that these missiles are subject to AA fire but do to their speed there is a -2 to hit penalty. Note these rules apply to deathstrike missiles since by nature they fly for a while before they hit. This
does not translate to titan carried weapons that are fired and hit in the same turn, these are beyond any AA capability.

I do agree that GW's idea of rolling dice to cover bad mechanics is a horrible habit they have. We tried in making these rules to avoid that kind of thing.


gizmo_at_... wrote:

> HHHmmm I see noting in rules bout shooting at missiles???? I see flyers!!!
> but not missiles. A missile would travle too fast, faster then a jet or
> plane so a -2 to hit. Tho I'm not a missile player, I see nothing wrong with
> ppl playing them, even if they choose all warp missiles. Find away around them
> instead, for, when in a battle who knows what the enemy will send. A DICE
> ROLL IS A BAD IDEA, for that is GW way out of everything they mess up, make
> a rule and stick bye it. And if playing squats don't worry they stay on the field for ever. LOL :-) As for the TITANS get in close, after alittle shooting, they go down like regular tanks. Or take a Grand Battery, and blast hiw to bits, this will even up that warp missile hammering you take
> Just My point of veiw
> Gizmo
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